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Stand Up, Speak Up, EXIST!

These words drifted in during a guided meditation that I was dissociating from. Stand up, Speak up, EXIST! It spoke to me in volumes as I was engulfed by my emotions. Why had I been waiting to do this my whole life?

Exist… What does it mean to exist? To slide out from the shadows... To mingle in the light... For a conversation or two… Maybe the whole night…

Exist… What does it mean to exist? To feel as though you are safe… loved… you are enough? Continually breaking down the walls that contain us... Bearing the weight of generations gone by…

Exist… Is it the breath that fills the belly with sorrow, guilt, shame? Or the vulture that devours the ego allowing the reincarnation of your soul? Demanding creativity in the dance of the kite… Dancing on the breath… Creating rhythm... Creating grace... Creating space in the heart… Spinning through the mystical light back to forgiveness... Way back in time… Back into the lungs… Down the spine...

Stand up… For yourself! Make sure the boundaries are secure, but remember to answer the gate sometimes. Invite the goddess within to bask in the warmth of your embrace.

Speak up… For yourself! Let your truth be heard! Let the words flow like water into your heart… Into your head. Remember your story… The one bestowed upon thee… Trust it was someone else’s… Let it go… Let it be! Let your words roll off your tongue like the flame rolls off the match… Burning all the mistruths laying in its path… Leaving nothing but fertile soil for you to plant the seed of the beautiful creature you were always meant to be.

Exist… This is what it means… To be courageous, but vulnerable within the connections that we receive!

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