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The Art of Letting Go

The experience of loss.

Loss of people, places, and things.

Sometimes loss of our minds.

Sometimes loss of our hearts.


But what have we really ever lost?

Memories go on forever in our hearts and minds.

They live on through our soul.

We remember people, places, and things with our bodies.

We remember people, places, and things in our muscles, in our joints, in our bones, and in our nervous system.

So, what have we lost?

Or really, what have we gained?

Knowledge is power!

When we know people, places and things we have the power to hold them as sacred.

Hold them close to our hearts.

Hold them close to our souls.

To allow the memory to live on forever in our love, in our grace, in our graditude.

The art of letting go allows us to find presence in the present.

It allows fear to disolve, anger to melt, and our hearts to become wide open.

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