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Just Breathe

I was inspired when someone asked if I could teach them how to breathe properly and maybe meditate too. I thought," um, well, you're breathing right now aren't you, and um, well, I am horrible at meditating, so I'm not sure... where do we start?" So, we started to breathe. Not just the shallow breath that supports the shallow, mundane thoughts that are constantly happening in the mind, but deep, nourishing, belly breath. The kind that fills the soul. The kind that connects us to the thoughts that we hide from. Our truth. Our deepest fears, anxieties, the things we don't want other people to know about. The things that make us want to pull the blankets over our head and hide. The monsters in the closet. And together we remembered how to breathe. We meditated on the sounds of our breath in unison. We did this together. In a small room. Lying there with our legs up whatever surface we could find. And it moved me. It moved me to be witness to others sticky spots. It moved me to feel their fear. It moved me to hear my own inner mean girl coming out in their presence. It is interesting how an automatic body function can change so much in the thought process. When we infuse the breath with intention, intention to nourish, intention to cleanse, we make it so. When we infuse our lives with this same intention, we make it so.

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